Rachel & Nick // Falling in love in Chicago


I knew when I met Rachel and Nick at La Colombe that I was meeting two special people. Rachel is a wonderful planner, detail oriented, a list maker - you know, my kind of person. Nick is calm, intuitive, and considerate. Together, Nick and Rachel are a perfect match. 

Their love for each other is evident in the way they serve each other, encourage each other, and make each other laugh. Both Rachel and Nick go out of their way to love others too. I've seen it in the details of their wedding coming together, the way they consider what's best for others, and the way they include special people in their life. Get ready to celebrate because this precious couple is getting married! 

Honeymooning in Iceland

Tim and I got married in August 2016 but waited until April 2017 to go on our real honeymoon. I tell people I'm so glad we had seven months of married life to figure out how to communicate before we went on this trip - because it was a nonstop crazy, stressful, exciting adventure. We drove around the whole island, stopping whenever I said, "hey, stop! I need a photo of that!" Out of all the places I've travel this is one of my favorites. There's a unique beauty that permeates Iceland - most days we couldn't believe what we were seeing. Here's a peak into our trip.