Photo by Alex Rathbun

Photo by Alex Rathbun


The Artist:  

Hi! I'm Hadassah, and it's lovely to meet you!

I'm an organized neat freak on most days, and a planner extraordinaire to the extreme. Give me any scenario, and I bet I'll have a plan for it. I believe in letting myself rest, but 'showing up' for my life. Traveling is my favorite activity, right next to naps. I'm married to the most incredible man who never ceases to make me laugh (and I love to laugh, a lot!). I'm an inspiration junky - I love good podcasts and stories of perseverance. I'm a book worm - you'll find me with at least five books always in progress. My time in Norway gave me a DEEP appreciate for coffee and all things cozy. People say I have an old soul (maybe it has something to do with my napping habits or crocheting). I lived in Chicago for the last six years but recently moved to Colorado! Some of my favorite things are bubble tea, dates with my husband, finishing a great book, and Thai food. 

I am a photographer because I love people and beauty. 

The Art:  

You have a story. A story worth telling and worth remembering. Real stories of your own love story, starting a family, graduations, and everything in between. I love coming along for the ride and sharing your life with you as I capture the little things. Love is found in the simple things. I want to bring those together to create a bigger picture.

I also love giving my voice to a good cause. During the last five years I've been traveling to parts of the world with different organizations, non-profits, churches, and relief organizations. I've seen the power media adds to a story. One image is enough to change someone's story, if only that story gets to be told. 

And finally, I love people. From babies, to students, to grandparents, and families - I love being a part of documenting life's great moments. These moments involve all people. Life was meant to be lived, and I want to help you remember and celebrate it. 

This is Hadassah Elizabeth Photography - and I'd love to tell your story.